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Why Copper?

"Elegance, Sophistication and classic style the timeless beauty of copper."

Copper is a building material renowned for its excellent durability indeed lasting centuries. No other metal has enhanced buildings all over the world for so long and so distinctly adapting to the architectural styles of different periods. At Coppertech we use quality materials like classic copper, pre-patinated copper, and oxidised copper in our work, ensuring you get the finish you are looking for.

Due to its excellent corrosion resistance it is considered very favourably as a pro-environmental material in the building sector. Copper can be 100% recycled, in fact 80% of the copper ever mined is in current circulation. A greater amount of copper is recycled per year than that which is mined.

Copper has many unique characteristics, forming its own corrosion resistance properties. When newly installed copper has a natural bright finish. Over the course of a few months this finish will mellow to a deep bronze colour before finally developing a completely unique verdigris patina. Copper is of that rare breed of things of this earth as in the older it gets the better it looks.



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